Thursday 28 June 2012

Mœbius -- Jean Michel Charlier -- Blueberry...

A Name of a Legend

Who spent his life creating works about another Legend...

Its about only a year back(very very late!!, still i know him by a different name in Tamil) I came across a comic book which made me collect and read all books about him in that single week.

The Name is Blueberry as he wanted to be called....

I somehow felt Modesty Blaise and Blueberry are the finest in the comics world till now, as far my likings.. (Still i cant miss my hero Tex)

Recently I got a special signature limited edition book of Moebius 4: Blueberry -- As i stood spellbound seeing the book, I took the previllege of writing a special post on this wonderfull collectors edition piece...

It is a well organised masterpiece, with a interview with Moebius....

Jean Henri Gaston Giraud (8 May 1938 – 10 March 2012) was a French comics artist, working in the French tradition of bandes dessinées. Giraud earned worldwide fame, predominantly under the pseudonym Mœbius, and to a lesser extent Gir (used for the Blueberry series), the latter appearing mostly in the form of a boxed signature at the bottom of the artist's paintings.

Now about the book ---

The dust jacket provided to cover the book is a bit worn out but its awesome with a special interview with Moebius himself.

The dust jacket removes to reveal a well binded book in a well finished leather binding with the names Moebius 4 Blueberry carved in golden color with a face of blueberry's stylishness at the bottom.

Aaahhh again comes the inner mat finish with a nice art of blueberry in the hot canyon -- another masterpiece..

Inside which comes the following:

This fourth volume of collected works of Moebius
is limited to one thousand five hundred copies signed by the artist.

And a stylish signature of Moebius...

This collection contains the first four books of confedrate gold namely

Chihuahua Pearl 
The Half-a-Million Dollar Man
Ballad for a Coffin 
The Outlaw

The book also includes the essential Charlier essay, "The Life and Times of Lieutenant Blueberry", which lays out Blueberry's entire life story (with extra illustrations).

Some wonderfull rare pics are found in the biography of Michael Steven Donovan who later called himself as Mike Blueberry...

General Dodge -- Friend of Blueberry

The notorious apache renegade Quanah,
The Lone Eagle


Hope to get the sequel book in the order Moebius 5 Blueberry soon...

These are the legend himself drawing Blueberry.... Enjoy watching...

Friday 22 June 2012

As My Memories fly....

It is my third standard when my father started buying Ambulimaama & Balamithra, and which my mother used to read to me... one can never forget those days...

I still remember the third standard annual leave ( The most unforgettable one ). when I really started to see comics its when we went on a ten day trip to delhi and chandigarh.

I saw some comics on higginbothams stall Diamond comics... still unaware of anything, once i am back to pondicherry my dad started buying Punthalir Amar chitra katha and the favourite ones are the mahabaratham series...

But the out of the box experiance started with Our Favourites...

the first story which my mom read to me is Naragathin Ellayil.

From day one I started nourishing Prince as my hero..

But to my astonishments came the real super heros

When i started reading rani comics on my own i fell in love with lots of characters which i can never forget and maybe that is the factor for me naming the blog too....

As always I liked Willie Garvin more than even Modesty blaise... to his swift knife and his soft words


Then its been quite a while for the Saatayadi veerar...

But sudden came the war series Athiradi padai, Kolai Pasi and Saagasa thalaivi...

but in between i cant miss the master blasters of that era...

Kaanagathil oru kannamoochi, Mr Jet..

But I started worshiping a hero like anything from day one when i started reading his book.

Today I have learnt a new language because of him.

Its the language of love Italian...

Tex as the name says he is more than anything in my comics which i had ever read...

And one comic stood apart from the rest with a game which came free with it..

That is the Dragon Nagaram -- like Yash Chopras movies you read it thousand times still you wont get bored of reading it and every time you would like to read it again...

One of the classics...

But after that i got aquainted to all other super heros namely

Robot Archi
Irrumbukai maayavi

All those are wonderfull days of comics which i missed in my late schooling and during my college.

Very off late i happened to rekindle the fire for comics and to see those books again.

I was searching for comics everywhere and just found them with a friend, who showed his wonderfull collection to me and make me awestruck. Offlate again i found out that one who collects a lot might not get the esseence by reading all that he has..

I am trying to read whatever i have rt now and mission accomplished till date. 

Like a saying a book which we have n havnt read is something similar to no possesing it..

I got some valuable friends with his friendship and i am greatly indebted to him.

I read Blueberry very late, largo winch very very late but hadnt missed on our XIII as he came in on my 3rd std itself -- the first issue i read is the prison episode.

The comics era is changing DC Marvel and some big names have already provided their stands on the net with their comics available to purchase...

I was happy when i read about our beloved comics available in ebay and I salute the background help and support few of our fellow beings provied to Vijayan to make this drastic change happen.

Hope to hear more good news from our beloved editor Vijayan.

Awaiting the new releases....

Thursday 21 June 2012

Tex and the Lord of the deep

Tex and the Lord of the deep -- The only Tex Movie

I might be the lucky few to have had the previllege to watch it in india, not sure if people know about this?


Giuliano Gemma   ...  Tex Willer  -- captures us with his fast and furious action sequence....
William Berger   ...  Kit Carson  -- awesome replica of our Carson bringing him alive...
Carlo Mucari   ...  Tiger Jack  -- another replica of our TigerJack making us love the movie ....

Isabel Russinova   ...  Tulac
Peter Berling   ...  El Morisco
Flavio Bucci   ...  Kanas
Aldo Sambrell   ...  El Dorado
José Luis de Vilallonga ...  Dr. Warton
Riccardo Petrazzi   ...  Lord of the Deep
Pietro Torrisi   ...  Quetzal

Different Language Versions

Tex und das Geheimnis der Todesgrotten (Germany)
Tex et le seigneur des abysses (France)
Tex, o pistoleiro (Portugal)
Tex y el senor de los abismos (Spain)
Tex Willer e os Senhores do Abismo (Brazil)
Tex a pán temnot (Czechoslovakia)
Tex, o aetos tis Dysis (Greece)
Sto nao ton Aztekon (Greece)
Tex és a mélység ura (Hungary).

The Movie poster is available for sale as a collection item here...

Trailer of Tex and the lord of the deep

you can buy the movie here

The movie is full of tex willer action as well as our eravu kazhugu (Night Eagles) scenes and its very happy to see a person as typically dressed and makedup as Carson,,,

Sure Tex fans would love this movie and treasure it for years to come..

A everloving fan of Tex.....

See U friends would meet you with yet another interesting post...