Tuesday, 6 August 2013


I had always had a dream of becoming a pilot, a war pilot moving around in jets with missile capabilities...

The dream i have over these flying machines is way beyond too much into fantasies..

It was last December I stumble upon a comic series which had its hero a pilot who is passionate on planes right from his childhood..

I just had no clue on what I was about to experience on reading that book...

you know what, it was something like me travelling with the story after a long long time...

Dakota -- The pilot I now envy... he is a normal boy who loves to be on those flying machines, takes up one of them even when he's a kid, who runs a agency to bring down old unused satellites.

His main passion is to remove unwanted things from mother nature there by reducing the pollution and troubles caused to humanity by electronic and radioactive waste as his only daughter dies due to radiation from radioactive waste.

2070, On assignment for the European Navy, Dakota goes to destroy a gigantic iceberg which is floating into one of the most important sea routes. 

Dakota discovers that there is a mysterious box in the ice. The contents of the box are so extraordinary and shocking that the supreme command declares it a state secret.

The box contains a girl who had slept in cryogenic engine for way too long as she is from the prehistoric.. the tale moves on rapid speed raising our senses...

The artwork is splendid, in depth and one of its kind they are carving out a materpiece out of this comic book. 


Mismi a water conservative locomotive engineer.. joins up team with Dakota in rescuing the girl and unwinding the mystry...

Exploring her grandfathers cryogenic engine...

The Water splash....

The Overpopulated City of Aliens in outer space..

Especially when Mismi rescues the girl...

They had prepared the comics to equal a hollywood movie..

The best sequence of scenes which i loved the most -- which remembered me of Arnold in Twister... and the scene in Largo winch 2

The last scene which keeps us awaiting for the next book in the series...

One of a great book which I read after a long time, where i felt awesome after reading it.. and as the comic is still in to be continued mode... I am waiting...


  1. Tex Willer,

    Yes, wonderful story line indeed.

    P.S.: This pilot of the Future Tagline (Though Borrowed) is nice

    1. Thanks Viswa,

      :) I vaguely remember the tagline from somewhere else but it suited Dakota a lot.. waiting for the continuing parts...

  2. I have downloaded all the 5 parts from kaskus.
    Yet to read.Yes The Art work is amazing which made me to download.

    Thanks for sharing the storyline.

  3. awesome blue girl hear story very old 10.000 years! thank you.

  4. awesome blue girl hear story very old 10.000 years! thank you.