Thursday, 28 June 2012

Mœbius -- Jean Michel Charlier -- Blueberry...

A Name of a Legend

Who spent his life creating works about another Legend...

Its about only a year back(very very late!!, still i know him by a different name in Tamil) I came across a comic book which made me collect and read all books about him in that single week.

The Name is Blueberry as he wanted to be called....

I somehow felt Modesty Blaise and Blueberry are the finest in the comics world till now, as far my likings.. (Still i cant miss my hero Tex)

Recently I got a special signature limited edition book of Moebius 4: Blueberry -- As i stood spellbound seeing the book, I took the previllege of writing a special post on this wonderfull collectors edition piece...

It is a well organised masterpiece, with a interview with Moebius....

Jean Henri Gaston Giraud (8 May 1938 – 10 March 2012) was a French comics artist, working in the French tradition of bandes dessinées. Giraud earned worldwide fame, predominantly under the pseudonym Mœbius, and to a lesser extent Gir (used for the Blueberry series), the latter appearing mostly in the form of a boxed signature at the bottom of the artist's paintings.

Now about the book ---

The dust jacket provided to cover the book is a bit worn out but its awesome with a special interview with Moebius himself.

The dust jacket removes to reveal a well binded book in a well finished leather binding with the names Moebius 4 Blueberry carved in golden color with a face of blueberry's stylishness at the bottom.

Aaahhh again comes the inner mat finish with a nice art of blueberry in the hot canyon -- another masterpiece..

Inside which comes the following:

This fourth volume of collected works of Moebius
is limited to one thousand five hundred copies signed by the artist.

And a stylish signature of Moebius...

This collection contains the first four books of confedrate gold namely

Chihuahua Pearl 
The Half-a-Million Dollar Man
Ballad for a Coffin 
The Outlaw

The book also includes the essential Charlier essay, "The Life and Times of Lieutenant Blueberry", which lays out Blueberry's entire life story (with extra illustrations).

Some wonderfull rare pics are found in the biography of Michael Steven Donovan who later called himself as Mike Blueberry...

General Dodge -- Friend of Blueberry

The notorious apache renegade Quanah,
The Lone Eagle


Hope to get the sequel book in the order Moebius 5 Blueberry soon...

These are the legend himself drawing Blueberry.... Enjoy watching...


  1. Superb.Where did you get that book.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I havnt shared many of the wonderfull pages considering it would be a spoiler for those who would be buying it.

      I got the book from a friend in exchange for another book.

      Its worth a collection piece.

      you can get it in